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So Ooh Aah Garry Smart is no more
from the London Road we used to call
your hair was short, wavy and curly
but your body was never ever burly.

Some may say ‘Thank God he’s gone’
but for your passing and effort I do long
You never reached those dizzy heights
of a ball in the net that was in your sights.

Oh how I wanted you to score
Just one, two, three or even four
But alas it was never meant to be
AND every Saturday afternoon at three
Did you ever feel ‘Yes, this day’s for me’?

But one day Garry your time will come
Unfortunately in a playground
Watched by kids and their mums.
So goodbye Garry, farewell, so long
But promise me you will think of us and your song.

So here I end this tribute to you
but wait a minute, before I do
I’ve just had a thought that makes me sad and makes me frown
Never ever put a red shirt on and play for swindon town!

The Ooh in the Ooh, Aah Garry Smart Poet

Taken from Raging Bull #31, September 1994

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