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The summer is over: long live football!

September 1, 2002

The summer’s over: long live football!It’s back at last! Following the long dull summer, enlivened only by a circus in the Far East, and the tasters of the under-17 international tournament and the pre-season friendlies, we’re back to the blood and guts of division three football. It really couldn’t have gone on any longer; when  more ]

Rage Online Chronicles 1999 – 2000

May 1, 2000

A Rage Online view of the 1999/2000 season That’s Entertainment Oxford United 3 Manchester United 2 So this is the way that the season ends… Millwall 1 Oxford 0 Harris 6 Att: 13,827 United get a glimpse of safety. Scunthorpe don’t Oxford 2 Scunthorpe 0 Murphy 26 Powell 70 Att: 7,752 Davis pots Reds to  more ]

Rage Online Chronicles 1998 – 1999

May 1, 1999

Match by match views of United’s exceedingly crap 1998/99 season by your cynical (and equally crap) reviewers. Matches reviewed: Bristol City (a); Luton Town (a); Wolves (h); Luton Town (h); Palace (a); Grimsby (h); Barnsley (a); Pompey (h); Sw****n (a); Ipswich (h); Sunderland (a); QPR (h); WBA (h); Huddersfield (a); Tranmere (h); Bolton (a); Bury  more ]

Pointless Statistics

May 1, 1999

Pointless Statistics Everything you didn’t want to know about Oxford United, thanks to the power of PC databases and Steve Merritt being bored at work.1) 20th AprilEveryone who was there will remember what happened on April 20th 1986, the Wembley victory over QPR is the high-point of Oxford United’s history so far. Younger fans will  more ]

Stand Up If You Hate Man U

March 1, 1999

Stand Up If You Hate Man U PART 1I?d like to think that calling them Man U instead of giving them their full and rightful title of Manchester United (or should that be Manchester United Greedy Rich Bastards F.C) would irritate them severely. Nottingham Forest fans get very hot under the collar when referred to  more ]

A natter with Joey Beauchamp

October 1, 1998

RAGE ON has a natter with JOEY BEAUCHAMPRage On met up with current Oxford star Joey Beauchamp in between bets (and just a week before the Fulham transfer almost materialised) and got the low-down on all sorts of stuff that no one else has bothered to ask. RO: It’s well known that you like the  more ]

A lawyer writes

September 1, 1998

A Lawyer Writes…… Thames Water Utilities Ltd -v- (1) Oxford City Council and (2) Oxford United Football Club Limited On 31st July 1998, His Honour Judge Rich QC, gave judgement in the High Court of Justice (Chancery Division) in the above case. The spin that has subsequently come from the Club is apparently that the  more ]


September 1, 1997

WE WOZ MANORETTES (nostalgia gone mad) We’d started to go to the Manor in 1969 when Oxford had first gained promotion to the 2nd division. My friend’s dad, had played for Headington Utd years before and really got us keen with his ironic comments during the game, I think he must have been a forerunner  more ]

You heard it here first

May 1, 1997

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST (1) Pay-To-View seems to be one of the in things at the moment, and to my mind is just the start of a revolutionary change in the way we watch the Beautiful Game.Back in 1990 I figured that within 25 years no-one would actually go to a ground to watch  more ]

No more Bull

May 1, 1997

NO MORE BULL Issue 1 of Raging Bull first hit the streets in August 1988. It cost 50p and sold 250 copies. The need for an Oxford fanzine was obvious by issue 3 as 1,500 copies were printed. But issue 5 was apparently the worst selling ever. Whether this had anything to do with the  more ]