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Pay-To-View seems to be one of the in things at the moment, and to my mind is just the start of a revolutionary change in the way we watch the Beautiful Game.

Back in 1990 I figured that within 25 years no-one would actually go to a ground to watch a league match, and I still think that the time-scale predicted will be about right.

Satellite Television already enables many more people to see a game than can fit into a ground and means that anyone anywhere in the country can watch selected matches, but for this to be financially viable only games featuring the larger ‘fashionable’ teams can really be shown and then only on a one-at-a-time basis.

The increasing spread of Cable TV though will eventually provide the opportunity for matches to be broadcast to more local audiences. This will mean that, for example, Oxford v Barnsley can be seen by people in Oxford and the surrounding towns on a designated Cable channel, whilst the action will be simultaneously transmitted by satellite back to Barnsley and thence to their supporters on their local footie channel. At the same time fans of Manchester City and Reading (and I believe there are a few) will be able to watch their match via the relevant cable channels in those areas.

One small fault with this scenario is the fate of exiled supporters living outside the area for receiving coverage of their club’s matches as I don’t know if the technology will enable enough channels to be utilised for every game to be seen anywhere in the country. If this turns out not to be possible then it is unlikely that these ‘ex-pat’ fans will unfortunately be able to watch their side unless they travel home, much as they have to now, but simply to join the rest of us in what will become our new Saturday afternoon activity – sitting down in front of the TV at 3.00 pm, tuning in to the appropriate Cable channel and spending 90 minutes in isolation shouting insults at the ref., the opposition and, most probably, our own defence.

So there you have it. By the year 2015 you will no longer be driving out to Minchery Farm, taking your comfortable seat and enjoying the atmosphere of a full house. Instead you will be sitting in your favourite armchair and your exhortations to Gray to pass the ball forward will have no more effect than they do now!

Keith Brighton

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