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Scott Barry Guyett, born Ascot, Western Australia. Popular central defender signed by Mark Wright from his former club Southport. Soured his time at the end when he claimed he was leaving the club to return to Australia, only to turn up at Chester a few days later.

Goals in all competitions (incl. subs)

Other clubs

Brisbane City (Australia)
Gresley Rovers
Chester City
Yeovil Town
AFC Bournemouth
Dorchester Town

Competition data

Competition First Final Apps
FA Cup 2001-11-17 2001-11-17 1
Football League Trophy 2001-10-16 2001-10-16 1
League 2001-08-11 2002-02-26 20
League Cup 2001-08-21 2001-08-21 1
Overall 2001-08-11 2002-02-26 23

Substitute competition data

Competition First Final Apps
League 2002-01-12 2002-04-13 2
Overall 2002-01-12 2002-04-13 2