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Victor Charles Barney, born Stepney. Inside forward. Died 26 May 2006. Played one season at Napoli in 1946 after impressing there while playing for an Army XI during the Second World War. Following a disagreement with United over the terms offered to him for the 1952-53 season, he was given a free transfer and signed for Guildford City, later working and playing for Pressed Steel.

Goals in all competitions (incl. subs)

Scored 26 in total (26 for full appearances but none as a sub)

4 brace(s)

Highest number scored in one game is 2 .

27.96% Average goals per game (incl as a sub)

27.96% Average goals per game started

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Competition data

Competition First Final Apps
FA Cup 1950-09-02 1951-10-13 6
Southern League 1950-08-26 1952-04-26 82
Southern League Cup 1950-08-19 1951-10-17 5
Overall 1950-08-19 1952-04-26 93