I swear on this poem’s life

From the Rage Online newsdesk Saturday, January 1st, 2000  

For fucks sake this can’t be true
I don’t want to believe my eys
I watch this shit in yellow and blue
and witness players in disguise

Why can’t I get a job like that?
where I can fuck about all day
and whilst sober I can look like a twat
before going to collect my pay

The collective intelligence of the entire team
amounts to less than two
when success arrives it’s only in a dream
and the opposite is true

to say we’re shite is to give shite a bad name
and an insult to the flies
we can’t even say it’s only a game
when only one side ever tries

sadly kassam doesn’t make a sound
and Smith has lost the plot
what’s the point of a brand new ground
when the inside’s are left to rot

a team of cowards would show more pride
than this current squad all lack
it’s only a small pitch and you cannot hide
so get your cards and fuck right off, you’ve all been given the sack.


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