Destined for relegation?

April 26, 2000

There can be no doubting that Saturday’s game against Scunthorpe is the biggest game, in terms of consequences, that United have faced since the Peterborough match in 1996, which guaranteed us promotion from this division. To claim that this is a “must win” match is clearly to understate the situation, and the parallels with the  more ]

Qualified support

March 24, 2000

Today’s news that Firoz Kassam has decided to remain at Oxford United for the foreseeable future is good news indeed. Although there’s still a long way to go before the club is on an even keel Kassam’s presence goes a long way to ensuring stability, at least in the short-term. There may still be a  more ]

Decline and fall

March 9, 2000

Following Tuesday’s disastrous defeat at the hands of local rivals Reading many supporters were muttering darkly about never returning to the Manor, at least for the remainder of the season. Whilst such sentiments are generally made in the heat of the moment, in fits of anger or depression or just plain frustration, it cannot be  more ]


February 4, 2000

The last time there was a Rage Online comment we were lauding the signing of Heads of Agreement on the land deal between Firoz Kassam and the Oxford City Council. The final deal, it was claimed, was just days away from completion. Here we are almost three months later and we can at last celebrate  more ]

Rage Online comment 22

January 1, 2000

Equality, choice and Integration for all United’s fans Now that the new ground is back with us I have been writing to Mr Kassam to get some assurances that will enable me (and other wheelchair users) to anticipate the opening with the same fervour that all other United fans can. People keep telling me that  more ]

Deals and dealings

November 28, 1999

The news this week that Heads of Agreement were finally signed by Firoz Kassam and Oxford City Council, after months of apparent delays and unforeseen hiccups, comes as extremely welcome news indeed. This is a significant step forward and a welcome signal of intent that both parties will proceed to closure. The caveat is that  more ]

History in the making

October 31, 1999

Another momentous week in Oxford United’s recent history passes. On Monday, timed neatly to coincide with the shareholders’ Annual General Meeting, Malcolm Shotton and Mark Harrison announce their joint resignations. Then there was the meeting itself. Then on Tuesday the High Court judge declares that Nick Pentith’s and British Rail Property Board’s application to seek  more ]

Head to heart ratio

October 7, 1999

It was excellent news, although not particularly surprising, that Oxford City Council ratified the land deal between themselves and Firoz Kassam to enable him to build the leisure centre, multiplex and hotel adjacent to the football ground. The meeting was merely a rubber-stamping exercise and was passed in confidential session on the nod, without even  more ]


September 20, 1999

Rumours abound concerning the relationship between Malcolm Shotton and Firoz Kassam, not helped by comments made to the media by both parties (but especially the United manager). Whatever the truth in these rumours, which range from Shotton’s imminent sacking (unlikely given that his contract has almost two years left to run and would cost a  more ]

The fight goes on

September 10, 1999

The news that the Government Office of the South East has lifted the Direction 14 Holding Order on the planning application for the multiplex cinema at Minchery Farm is fantastic news for Oxford United and everyone connected with the club – staff, management and supporters alike. It is a vindication of all the hard work  more ]