Reprisal to the Reprisal

May 20, 2003

by Godalming YellowWell the comment entitled “Reprisal to comment 33” in fact appears not to do what it says on the tin. Instead, many clich?d arguments are launched into, assuming that any supporter who deigns to suggest that all is not well with the management at the club is actually making unrealistic assertions as to  more ]

Reprisal to Comment 33

May 1, 2003

by Paul GreenwoodHere we are with our play-off dream in ruins, staring at another season in the Third Division, and most of us are gutted and angry. There is a perception that the club is massively underachieving and that the kind of football Ian Atkins’ team has played is ‘not Oxford United’.Indeed, we are constantly  more ]

Is this the best we can muster?

April 29, 2003

by Godalming YellowOxford United effectively surrendered without a whimper at Scunthorpe. How is it that a team like Oxford United with traditions of playing proper football, with a history of success that is the envy of many similarly sized clubs, with one of the biggest fan bases in division 3, and with the likes of  more ]

Oxford ’til I die?

November 17, 2002

I am writing this following my first Oxford United live game in circa 6 years (the recent win over Rochdale). I have lived in Salford, Manchester for the last seven years; becoming embroiled in northern life and northern ways. This includes the weekly drag of playing in a local league where young gangsters are looking  more ]

The right time come?

August 11, 2002

All the pre-season games have been played; the new players have come in, the old players have left. The first game is under our belts and, three points to the good, things are looking good for United. This really must be the season that the decline of the past few years is not just halted,  more ]

The Past Seasons and Ongoing Decline

May 8, 2002

I read with interest your comments inside the front cover of the last Rage On and those on the web page.I don’t have the former in front of me now but you struck a chord with me when you referred to there being something fundamentally wrong with the club, a malaise that rests at its  more ]

Talking turkeys

April 23, 2002

This is the first Rage Online comment for some time. Not because we haven’t had anything to say, but because what could one possibly say that would do justice to the shambolic displays that we’ve been subjected to this season, which started so full of promise in the new stadium.For the first time we can  more ]

Just before the dawn

November 21, 2001

They say the darkest hour is just before the dawn.In the pre-season optimism abounded amongst United supporters, many predicting an immediate return to the Second Division under new manager Mark Wright, with the team at last playing in a new stadium. Rage Online generally shared this optimism and these high expectations is what makes this  more ]

Trust or ISA?

September 28, 2001

A discussion paper BackgroundThe Supporters Direct Conference at Birkbeck on 5 September 2001 included a summary of the state of play of the trusts initiative, and a number of workshops which addressed different aspects of trusts and their establishment and organisation.I will try to keep these comments impartial! Clearly Supporters Direct have an interest in  more ]

Getting there

July 22, 2001

As the new season rapidly approaches the building nears completion, both of the new stadium and of the playing squad. However, on both fronts, there is still some work to be done.Minchery Farm will be ready for the start of the season, but it won’t be complete. It is highly likely that none of the  more ]