As Radical As Billy Bunter

From the Rage Online newsdesk Sunday, September 30th, 2001  

A response to the Green candidate in the local council by-election in Blackbird Leys.

There’s global warming, climate change, submerging English towns.
And huge great lakes where recently there used to be the Downs!
The great polluters flourish as our planet sadly cries.
We’re permanently sodden under sullen leaded skies.

The odds were stacked against us, a hard battle indeed.
A struggle for the future against vested corporate greed.
But here in Oxford what did the Greens have to say?
A lot – about a muddy field along Grenoble way.

The Minchery battle joined and they’re on the other side.
They stand against the folk who gave United back its pride.
They stood against the loyal fans who won our bitter fight.
A Countryside Alliance with the NIMBYs of the Right.

They call themselves the radicals. Well I say shame on you.
The real grass roots campaigners are the folk in yellow and blue.
So Greens, put on your Barbours, stick your noses in the air,
And continue to learn your lessons from dear old Mr. Blair.

They push their leaflets on the Leys, with all its battle scars.
‘Keep out the noise, the cars, and nasty fans from Mars’.
They don’t do the football stuff, it’s not Green people’s game.
Misguided local politics, and that’s a crying shame.

Snake with apologies to Attila the Stockbroker

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