True or False

From the Rage Online newsdesk Monday, August 1st, 1988  


  • After a sound check it was decided that no United players should sing on the United Milk Cup Record; instead the studio engineers performed.

  • Billy Whitehurst has had more traffic accidents than he has scored league goals.

  • Richard Hill is United’s most highly paid player.

  • Despite his lucrative move to Liverpool, John Aldridge has yet to pay his outstanding telephone bill.

  • New signing Mike Ford was Cardiff’s player of the season last year.

  • In 1979 Sheffield United were offered Diego Maradona for ?200,000, when purchasing Alex Sabella from Argentina, but refused as he was ‘overpriced’.

  • In the 1970’s United sent a scout to Scunthorpe to sign Kevin Keegan, and returned with Nigel Cassidy instead.

  • Gordon Hodgson was the slowest player ever to wear a United shirt.

  • Craig Johnson, having abandoned Liverpool, is about to sign a recording deal with Stock-Aitkin and Waterman, including a duo with Kylie Minogue.

  • Peter Beardsley has previously worked as a fashion model.

  • Brasenose College (famous for closing down Oxford City FC) has close links with the legal profession, hence City’s eviction.

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