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Winger born in Coventry, joined United on a one-month loan from Wolves on 28th September 2015, extended by a further two months on 23rd October 2015 but he was recalled by Wolves on 27th October. Rejoined United on loan from Wolves until the end of the season on 2 January 2019, returning on 26th April 2019. Capped twice by Ireland U15s and also five times by England U16s and 11 times for England U17s.

Goals in all competitions (incl. subs)

Scored 1 in total (1 for full appearances but none as a sub)

Highest number scored in one game is 1 .

4.00% Average goals per game (incl as a sub)

6.67% Average goals per game started

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Competition data

Competition First Final Apps
FA Cup 2019-01-05 2019-01-05 1
Football League Trophy 2015-10-06 2019-01-22 3
League 2015-10-10 2019-04-22 16
Overall 2015-10-06 2019-04-22 20

Substitute competition data

Competition First Final Apps
League 2015-09-29 2019-04-13 5
Overall 2015-09-29 2019-04-13 5