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Gavin Johnson, born in Eye, is a left back who joined United in the summer of 2006 from Northampton Town, where he played a large part in their promotion. He bears a striking resemblence to the former incumbent, Matt Robinson, both physically and tonsurally.

Goals in all competitions (incl. subs)

Scored 2 in total (1 for full appearances and 1 as a sub.)

Highest number scored in one game is 1 .

5.71% Average goals per game (incl as a sub)
11.11% Average goals as a sub only

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Competition data

Competition First Final Apps
FA Trophy 2006-12-16 2007-01-13 3
League 2006-08-12 2007-04-28 23
Overall 2006-08-12 2007-04-28 26

Substitute competition data

Competition First Final Apps
FA Cup 2006-11-11 2006-11-11 1
League 2006-11-04 2007-05-08 8
Overall 2006-11-04 2007-05-08 9