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Andrew John 'Woody' Woodman, goalkeeper born in Camberwell, signed for United on transfer deadline day 2002 following a reasonably successful loan spell (depending on how you measure these things). He immediately made himself popular with the supporters and also apparently helped improve the atmosphere in the dressing room. His shot stopping and aerial presence give United an added solidity at the back, although he can be criticised for sometimes being a bit too slow to get down to low shots, and he singularly fails to dominate his box and come for all but the easiest crosses, but then nobody`s perfect. Was made club captain for 2002/03 season because of his personality and desire to win. He published a book called 'Woody and Nord' with his best mate Gareth Southgate in Autumn 2003.

Competition data

Competition First Final Apps
FA Cup 2002-11-16 2003-11-08 4
Football League Trophy 2002-10-22 2003-10-15 2
League 2002-01-19 2004-04-24 101
League Cup 2002-09-10 2003-09-24 5
Overall 2002-01-19 2004-04-24 112