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Paul Ronald Tait. Born Sutton Coldfield. midfielder, who earned legend status for revealing a t-shirt live on TV, after scoring in some tinpot cup final, reading `Shit on the Villa`. An admirable sentiment that didn`t go down too well with the authorities. Failed to shit on anyone while at Oxford, where he sadly spectacularly under-achieved.

Goals in all competitions (incl. subs)

Scored 3 in total (3 for full appearances but none as a sub)

Highest number scored in one game is 1 .

2.86% Average goals per game (incl as a sub)

3.16% Average goals per game started

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Other clubs

Nea Salamis (Cyprus)
Northampton Town
Birmingham City

Competition data

Competition First Final Apps
FA Cup 1999-01-25 1999-11-30 4
Football League Trophy 2000-01-11 2000-01-25 2
League 1999-01-16 2002-04-13 86
League Cup 1999-08-10 2001-08-21 8
Overall 1999-01-16 2002-04-13 100

Substitute competition data

Competition First Final Apps
League 2001-02-17 2002-01-12 5
Overall 2001-02-17 2002-01-12 5