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Article by Paul Beasley Sunday, April 6th, 2014  


Whatever straits we’re in I almost always talk myself into some kind of optimism before dragging myself along to the Kassam Stadium. (My season ticket demands it).

I did so prior to the Fleetwood visit but wasn’t surprised one little bit at what transpired.

At half time the discussion was around whether we had actually managed an effort on goal. Opinion ranged from none to one and a half. (Yes, really). I couldn’t think of one worthy of the name.

The second half was no better although Dave Kitson did manage a header straight at the keeper.

The Cods meanwhile scored two and created a lot more than we did. They were better than us in every department (goalkeeping aside, because theirs could have been sat in a deck chair for most of the game, so I can’t judge on that one) and ran out easy winners without ever having to stretch themselves.

Marks out of 10? Well as we only lost by two and didn’t actually collapse I’ll give that showing a 2.

The starting line up was a little different from what I would have gone with. For me it would have been JC for Deane Smalley and Danny Rose for Josh Ruffels.

And yes, I fully acknowledge that I don’t see them in training. Yes that can be an indication, but what concerns us long suffering fans is what they do when it comes to the real thing. If Danny Rose has lost it then fair enough, his form had dipped before he was dropped. But when it comes to creativity from central midfield – and we are massively lacking in this department – he is the best we’ve got. Blame for this has to go to the people who put this squad together.

Deane Smalley has without doubt become a scapegoat but I think the annoyance directed towards him, at least from the SSU, as he departed was virtually all to do with the speed with which he removed his arse. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I think renewing his contract was a mistake but as the club amazingly paid a fee to get him in the first place, I suppose they thought it only right to show a further (obviously misguided) demonstration of belief in his ability.

Photo courtesy of Steve Daniels

Please take a look at his details in Wikipedia and don’t fall about crying. As at end of October 2013, Oldham appearances 105, goals 10, Oxford United appearances 58, goals 11. Goals scored at Bradford on loan, zip. It’s only right of course to also mention Chesterfield appearances 28, goals 12. Perhaps he’s got a very good agent.

That said, I don’t think he was any worse than many of the others, which speaks volumes. He’s blamed for not being Beano, but neither of these strikers has for a very long time been anywhere near consistently good enough for a top L2 side. But is the blame down to them or shockingly poor coaching and management? Personally I think it is a combination of both.

It seemed to me that Gary Waddock was asking players to do things that they were just not cut out to do. Ryan Williams was not playing wide. For a few minutes he looked as though he might be influential playing more centrally. That didn’t last and it soon became apparent that this was not part of a properly thought out game plan, at least not one that we were able to put into operation.

The sooner GW understands that our current full backs are not those that were wearing the shirts last season the better. Both had very shaky games.

Scott Davies on the touch line ain’t the proper thing either.

The Davids, Connolly and Kitson, must be in total despair (like those of us who still attend week in week out) at what is going on (or more accurately not going on) around them. I’d hazard a guess that if they were running things we wouldn’t look so clueless going forward. Defensively of course it might be a different story.

Photo courtesy of Steve Daniels

Okay, I’m going to say a couple of things that I’ve tried to hold back but can’t any longer. We need a new coaching staff. We need a change. Not only should IL have moved much quicker in appointing a manager (I’ll come back to this) to take us forward but he should have taken the opportunity for a clean sweep. It was accepted that the Chris Wilder / Oxford United relationship had gone stale and I do not disagree with that. But this staleness ran, and unfortunately still runs, much deeper than one man. We need freshness throughout and I think we need replacements for Micky and Mel. There I’ve said it. (Why do we need both anyway? How heavy are the cones?)

When is it not too early to judge?

If I was forced to provide an answer this very minute to the question – is Gary Waddock the right man for the job, my answer would be “no”. Early days, yes of course, but I’ve seen absolutely nothing to suggest it is a yes. And something I take note of is the view of fans of other clubs. We’re not as daft, naive and lacking in understanding as owners and players would like to believe. From what I’ve heard Wycombe fans didn’t particularly rate Waddock. Please, please may I be proven wrong.

Whilst I’m on this subject, Torquay fans told me about Nicky Wroe and they were right.

There are a couple of other things I’m pig sick of and may just have mentioned before.

Watering the pitch the way we do is madness. We created mini bogs near the sprinklers. Players were slipping over. And if it is all about playing quick, slick passing football, has anyone bothered to take a look at the way we’ve actually been playing for the last few seasons? Doesn’t compute.

Secondly it’s those bloody post match interviews. I do admire the players that come on after having produced another crap performance and they have to say something. But when I hear hollow nothingness like “we’ve got to turn it around”, “we need our luck to change”, and complete bollocks like “we played very well at times” I just want to smash the radio. Fact is our performance stank. I challenge anyone to explain to me otherwise. At present it is difficult to see where another goal is going to come from this season let alone another win.

And when David Hunt said that the squad were mentally strong. That was just f**king mentally delusive. 7 (SEVEN – as in the old teleprinter days) defeats, 2 draws and 1 win in the last 10 says mentally weak to me.

TZ000585In front of the SSU

Okay, this has probably been done before but I’ll start off with
• The Smiths – Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now (the obvious one);
• Half Man Half Biscuit – Depressed beyond tablets; and
• Michael Jackson – Bad.

Now over to you, I’m sure there are bucket loads more.

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